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Board Member Clarance Tears Treasurer

Clarence Tears


Clarence Tears started his military career with three years active duty in the Marine Corps. After returning to civilian life he decided to join the Air force Reserve where he was attached to the 482nd CES, AMX, PA, and HQ. Enjoying numerous tours around the world and some not so enjoyable he retired with a total of 33 years as Command Chief. These days he and Reina spend their time enjoying Naples.

Board Member Ed Shiflett Vice-President

Ed Shiflett


Ed joined the Air Force in 1969 as a C-133 mechanic. In 1972, he became a member of the Maryland National Guard, where he serviced O-2 reciprocating engines before transferring to Dover AFB to work on C-5As. His resume includes Crew Chief (F-4s and F16s), Quality Assurance Inspector, and Flight Chief. Ed retired out of Homestead AFB 01 October 2006 where he had served an Air Reserve Technician. His total military service was an impressive 40 years and nine months. Ed and his wife Terri have two daughters and two grandsons.

Board Member Joe Cieslinski Secretary 

Joe Cieslinski


Joe began his Military career in the Air Force Reserve in 1982 serving with the 482 CES on numerous deployments. He retired at Homestead in 2004 after a total of 21 years of service. He currently resides in Port Saint Lucie Florida with his wife Susan and daughter Emily. He retired from FPL in 2017 with 33 yrs. Joe joined The Flamingo Wing in 2008.

Walter Horlacher Secretary Flamingo Wing Association

Walter Horlacher


CMS Walter Horlacher joined the U.S. Army in July 1975 and was assigned to the 3rd Armored Division in Germany for three years, transitioning to the Army Reserve afterward and serving as a Combat Engineer. Walter later came to the USAF Reserve at Homestead, joining the 482 CES in 1983, where he participated in numerous deployments, including a tour to Iraq in 2007. He retired from the 482 CES in September 2008 after 33 years of military service.Retired from Broward Health in 2021 as a Facility Manager after 26 years of service. Walter has a wife, Liz, and a daughter Alexandria. Walter also acts as our Quartermaster. 

Board Member Barbara Jackson Director

Barbara Jackson


Barbara Jackson was born in Miami, Florida so she’s been close to Homestead all her life. Her career began at the early age of 16, when her parents signed for her (delayed) enlistment in the United States Air Force in May 1971. A month later she graduated from Coral Park Senior High, and began her career. Always setting standards high, Barbara topped out early in her career as a Chief Master Sergeant at age 28, DOR: 1 Sep 82. Her greatest and most rewarding experiences were the people she met, mentored and was able to watch their successes. Barbara most gratifying experience was her deployment to Baghdad, IRAQ in May 04. She then retired at Homestead in 2008 after a total of 38 years of service. She currently resides in Trenton Florida.

Dawn Green, Director

Dawn Green


Dawn Green started her military career with the 482nd Civil Engineering Squadron in October, 1991. She held AFSC’s in both Site Development and Information Management and deployed on numerous tours throughout the country and the world. Dawn has been employed by AT&T for the past 26 years as a Services Technician, a Training Instructor, and Digital Technician. She also helps families with their financial needs, including how to save money, pay less in taxes, get out of debt, and retire early, as a licensed Life, Health and Annuities Agent. Dawn left the Squadron in 2003 to care for her son. They presently live in Miramar, FL.

Board Member Kenny Rodgers Director

Kenny Rodgers


Kenny Rogers started his military career 1967 with the Army, served in Germany and Vietnam. He also served in the Florida Army National Guard from 1972 through 1975. Kenny enlisted in the Air Force Reserve at Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina in 1987, and concluded his service at Homestead AFB between 1987-2007.

Roberto Rodriguez Director

Roberto Rodriguez


Roberto joined the U.S. Air Force Reserve in 1983, retiring in 2006 after 22 years of service where he was a member of the 482 CES at Homestead AFB. His experiences there sent him to many interesting destinations, including Italy, The U.K., Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, and The U.A.E. He is now looking forward to retiring from the Federal Bureau of Prisons in October 2022. Roberto and his wife of 44 years have three children and eight grandchildren. (as of April. 2022)

Board Member Larry Spiller Director

Larry Spiller


MSgt Larry E. Spiller joined the U.S. Army in January 1967 and spent a tour in Vietnam. He transitioned to the Army Reserve when his hitch was up. Larry later switched to the USAF Reserve at Homestead, joining the 482 CES where he provided administrative and logistical support to his commander and staff. He retired from the 482 CES in 1995 and four years later retired from BellSouth Telecommunications after a long and fruitful career. MSgt Spiller says joining the military was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Jim Hunt Website Coordinator

Jim Hunt

Website Coordinator

Jim began his Air Force Reserve career at Homestead AFB in 1979 with the 31st TAS and the 70th APS and went on to retire after 20 years of Aerial Port service with APS units at Charleston AFB SC, Dobbins AFB, GA, and Pittsburgh, PA Air Reserve Station. During the Persian Gulf War, he managed a Mobile Aerial Port Section as part of a contingency squadron supporting the 1st and 2nd Marines Expeditionary Forces in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Jim joined The Flamingo Wing in 2008 and is a life member. He currently resides in Sebastian, Florida, with his wife Diana, where they enjoy fishing, biking, and dancing at the many local waterfront establishments.

Dan Poirier Flamingo Wing Association Newsletter Editor

Dan Poirier

Flamingo Flyer Magazine Editor

Daniel Poirier enlisted 20 Feb 1970 and served 5 years in the U.S. Army Infantry Special Forces before joining the U.S. Air Force Reserve as a radar operator with the 915 AEW and C Squadron. He later shifted career fields, joining the 70th Aerial Port Squadron. His last role was in SEQC for Air Cargo and Passenger Handlers. Daniel retired as a Master Sergeant 01 Jan 2010. He is the editor and publisher of the Flamingo Wing Blog and the Flamingo Flyer, our quarterly magazine. He and his wife of 51 years have one son who teaches high school students and heads the history department at the Klickitat HS in Klickitat Washington.